Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekly Summary - 11/28

Monday: 8.1 Miles - Neighborhood Figure 8 (PM)
Tonight was one of those nights when things just come together and feel good. After a handful of easy days, I had just planned to get in a few more miles than normal. After a brief warm up, it was almost as if my body just naturally eased into a quick pace and everything was on. I sped through the neighborhood lite by the near full moon and let my thoughts drift here and there. From all aspects, it was the kind of run that I enjoy. I wasn't necessarily focused on a certain pace just enjoying the cool night air with my body feeling good.

Tuesday: 4.0 Miles - Picture Rock with Christine (Lunch)

4.0 Miles - Treadmill
Warm-up then 1/4 mile on by 1/4 mile off
Chased the treadmill work with a little strength training.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 14.5ish Miles Total
For the last 2 years, Christine has offered a couple Thanksgiving morning pilates classes, which have filled up quickly. I was toying with the idea of running the Turkey Trot 5K in Loveland this morning. After waking up, Christine encouraged me to do something I don't normally get to do. That said, I've had ample time to pound the pavement lately, with my work schedule and the shorter days. So I decided to head to the trails and enjoy the solitude of trail running this chilly yet sunny Thanksgiving morning. When I got out of my car at the Picture Rock trailhead, my car said 11F. What another great run. I was super consistent on the ascent, my splits being within a few seconds of each other. I loved having the trail to myself, other than deer grazing throughout the climb.

At the top, I took in the views, ate a Cliff Shot Blok, and thought of how thankful I am to have both the desire and ability to run. It's something I often take for granted, yet it's something so many people may never experience. On top of just getting to run, I'm thankful for the place in which I live. The beauty of the Rocky Mountains is absolutely breathtaking and I get to run, ride, ski and do so many countless other things in the midst of them continually. What a blessing.

After my semi-emotional hilltop experience, I sped back down from whence I'd come. Feeling good about my ascent and wanting to knock-out a decent overall time, I pushed the pace significantly. I consistently clocked sub 7 min/miles on the technical terrain, finishing the run with a new PR. The trail map shows the out and back to be 5.5 miles, but I'm thinking that's a bit long, so I'm guessing the run was around 10.5 miles today.

After a little time hanging out with Christine in the hot tub, we got out for a jog around McIntosh Lake to add on another 4 Miles. What a good day of running. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday: Tele ski cross training

Saturday: 4.0 Miles - Rabbit Mountain with Christine
Feeling a little unmotivated today, although the weather was amazing. Plan to get back in the routine on Sunday.

Sunday: 4.2 Miles - McIntosh Lake with Christine (PM)
We missed the nice weather window today. As we were running, you could see the clouds moving in and almost feel the temperature dropping.

4.0 Miles - Treadmill (PM)
Half mile warm up, then 0.25 Miles at race pace by 0.25 rest. Did a few sets, then moved to 0.5 miles at race pace with 0.5 miles rest. The treadmill has a maximum speed of 6 min/miles, so that's what I considered race pace, although I think I should increase the speed some when doing speed work. I find that by raising the inclination a little, it evens everything out.

Looking west toward Longs Peak and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. As seen from Rabbit Mountain

Looking South from the junction of Picture Rock with the Wild Turkey loop of Heil Valley. You can see the top of Green Mountain and Bear Peak in the center of the photo.

Looking Northwest toward the town of Lyons, while ascending Picture Rock.

Christine and I have been talking a lot about cynicism as of late. I catch myself being cynical about so many things in my life. I really liked the following quote by Yoani Sanchez. Maybe you can allow it to percolate through your grey matter just as it has been percolating through mine for the last few days.

"Unlike our parents, we never believed in anything. Our defining characteristic is cynicism. But that's a double-edged sword. It protects you from crushing disappointment, but it paralyzes you from doing anything."

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