Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly Summary - 11/14

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 4.5 Miles - Treadmill (AM)

Pretty boring sweating it out on the treadmill. It definitely takes more discipline on my part to get the miles in that way. Not planning to make the treadmill workout a daily ritual, but don't mind throwing one in from time to time.

A short strength training session (Lunch)

Wednesday: 4.3 Miles - The mill (AM)

Thursday: 4.0 Miles - Hall Ranch (Lunch)
First snow of the year. What a great day to be out! I'm actually excited about winter, with the exception of minimal daylight. Today was the first run in a while where I felt complete solitude.

2.3 Miles - Treadmill (PM)
Just a nice and slow shake out of the legs.

Friday: Off

Saturday: Veteran's Day 5K (AM)
1.5 Mile Warm up
3.1 Mile Race
0.5 Mile Cool Down

McIntosh Lake (Lunch)
4 Miles with Christine - Post race shake out

Sunday: 4.1 Miles - McIntosh Lake (PM)

Felt worse during this run than any run in quite some time. Overall, I was out of my normal routine, which I'm sure had an impact. I slept in a little, opting to forgo the Sunday morning run for an extra cup a'coffee (maybe 3) and read a while before church. I had planned to get a longer run in after church, but ended up having to head to work for a few hours. I was bummed that I didn't get a long trail run, as the short days are forcing me off the trails onto the pavement more and more. Although, Christine and I are heading to Alabama on Thursday for an early Thanksgiving, so I hope to get some adequate mileage in this week.

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