Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Summary - 11/7

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 4.1 Miles - McIntosh Lake (AM)
A little spooky running around the lake at 5 AM without a headlamp!

2.2 Miles - Neighborhood Loop (PM) + Strength training

Wednesday: 4.4 Miles - Neighborhood Loop (AM)
It was my second 5 AM run in as many days and I've thoroughly enjoyed both. I see that I need to get up a little earlier to get a longer run in, read, and get to work when I'd like. I'm sure the upcoming time change will make that 30 minutes much easier.

Thursday: 5.2 Miles - Neighborhood Loop (PM)
When my alarm went off this morning, I was feeling rough. So, after a few thoughts, I reset my alarm clock and dozed off for what only seems like seconds, but was actually an hour.

I went to the Chiropractor today at lunch. As I've stated numerous times in previous posts, I'm continually battling pain in my right ankle. I can tell that my foot strike is concentrated on the outside of the foot rather than exactly balanced, so I thought it worthwhile to get it checked out, especially since I have never done this before. Christine has worked with this particular chiro (both teaching her as well as getting work done from her) and said she pays a lot of attention to bodies being completely balanced, recommending not only adjustments but a mix of proper posture, stretching, strength training, and even PT in cases.

So, today my theories were confirmed that while both of my feet supinate, by right foot is worse that my left. She recommended orthotics as well as reviewing my total body alignment. I was a bit surprised at the price of orthotics and am somewhat hesitant to go down that road. I'm going to continue dialogue with Christine, my in house expert.

Friday: 4.1 Miles - McIntosh Lake
A quick run before dinner. We had squash and pepper fajitas, fresh Salsa from the Farmers Market, and a Fat Tire for dessert!

Saturday: 4.0 Miles - Rabbit Mountain with Christine
What a ridiculous day! I, as well as everyone else, cannot believe it is November 6th. It was a beautiful day to be out on a trail.....or picking up trash on the side of Hwy 36! Christine and I volunteered (along with a few other folks from work) to do clean-up with the Lyons Community Foundation. We spent the better part of the afternoon, making our way through the weeds to do a little bit for the community. It was great to be out, especially since Christine and I could volunteer side by side. What did I find that was most surprising? Definitely the amount of hammer gels, power gels and the like. For some reason, I thought that the cyclists (ok, I'm making an assumption) were much less likely to throw waste out the peverbial window than most, but I'm starting to rethink that stereotype.

Sunday: 7.4 Miles - McIntosh Lake with Christine (AM)

I'm really getting really tired of this darn ankle pain. I feel as if I have to change my stride, and hence foot strike, in order to compensate for the dull pain. Then, after a few miles of this compensation, I begin to feel a twinge here and there in other parts of my body, like knees and hips, where I then revert back to my original stride and foot strike. I feel like I'm playing this game much too often. After this mornings run, I've decided to give the orthotics a try.

Track workout: 5 Miles - Westview Middle School (PM)
Short warm up at 7:45ish pace
400 meters on by 400 meters rest
Ended with 800 meters on by 800 meters rest

Overall, I felt like this was a pretty decent week, running wise, besides the ankle issues of course. I'm finally getting a few early AM runs in, which both ensures I get miles in before my day starts and also ensures that I get ample time at home with Christine, even if work goes awry. I can definitely feel my fitness improving, as each mile goes by a bit quicker and easier. Although, I feel that I'm doing a little work to get there, which feels good in and of itself. And with that, I'm toying with the idea of running the Children's Hospital 5K this coming Sunday. I don't feel that my time will necessarily be at goal pace, which I've yet to divulge, but I'm a bit anxious to toe the line just to see how far I have to go. The decision is pretty much made, I just need to bite the bullet, even if my showing is not what I want it to be. Regardless, I'm having a pretty good time running right now and I don't plan to change course anytime soon.

Here's a little soul for this Sunday night. Sean Hayes

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