Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Summary - 12/5

Monday: 4.0 Miles - Hall Ranch with Christine (PM)
I took the day off to spend time with Christine on her birthday. We headed to Hall Ranch in the afternoon for a little run. I was feeling really sluggish, the legs just not wanting to turn over. It was good to get a little vertical in and be back on my favorite trail. And, Christine got an added birthday present with a personal best to the first bench!

Tuesday: 7.0 Miles - Treadmill (PM)

Just a little shake out after a long day back to work. Not really feeling great and definitely not excited to be on the mill, but I just didn't have the motivation to put on more than shorts and a T-shirt.....that's sad!

Wednesday: 4.0 Miles - Treadmill (AM)

Man 4:50 AM came early this morning. Trying to get back in the routine of a few early morning shake-outs. I think my schedule is off drastically due to the long weekend. Although rolling out of bed wasn't easy, it was good to loosen up and get some good reading in this morning.

4.0 Miles - Neighborhood Loop (PM)
It's amazing how much better I feel in the evening/night versus in the mornings. Every morning that I wake up for an early run, I'm sluggish, feel slow (generally am slow) and really just grind out a few miles. But in the evenings, as was the case tonight, I felt great pretty much from the beginning of the run. I was only a short distance in the run and I had to mentally tell myself this was just a little shake-out. Then I made the mistake of picking up the pace too much at the end of the run and tweaked my right calf a touch. It stiffened up pretty quickly, but I have hopes I'll be good as new tomorrow. No AM run tomorrow as I'm meeting friends for coffee at 5:30, so I'll have the day for a little healing. Overall, the run was 100% better than this AM (minus the tweak).

Thursday: Off
After working 14 hours and hoping to just sit down and have a conversation with my wife, I opted for the day off.

Friday: Off
Another 13 hour work day.....seriously!

Saturday: 9 Miles total

4.0 Miles - Picture Rock with Christine
I had to work today.....on a Saturday.....but I had a surprisingly good attitude about it, despite not being able to get a long run in, which I had been mentally planning since Thanksgiving day's 14.5 miles. I was able to sneak away around lunch for 4 miles with Christine, although my stomach was giving me issues which made it less than stellar.

5.0 Miles - Rabbit Mtn
I left work just after 3 and was able to get a few more miles before Christine and I went to get a Christmas tree and get out of the house for a while. After picking out a nice little tree to go in our nice little apartment, we headed to the Pumphouse Brewery for good food and better conversation.

I was able to PR on the 4 mile loop. Things like this continue to confirm that my fitness and speed are improving. A 1 mile shake out to end the session.

Sunday: 13.9 Miles Total
7.4 Miles - Hall Ranch with Christine (Antelope side)
Enjoyed getting out with Christine, spending a little extra time on the trail.
6.5 Miles - McIntosh + Neighborhood
Went straight from the trail to pounding the pavement. I'm trying to get a few extra miles in on the weekends to hopefully transition to a true "long" run in the near future.

I've been thinking a lot about what my running goals are for the coming year. I feel that I've been more consistent with my running that ever before. I would still like to dial in my 5k and 10k in the coming months. I found a few 5k's in early January that I may sign up for. But my true motivations are of the longer distance variety. I'm really just searching to find both my capabilities and my limitations. More on this soon.

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