Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Thanksgiving

Christine and I headed to the great state of Alabama for an early Thanksgiving celebration. It was a time to have fun, veg, and enjoy catching up with the family. We thoroughly enjoyed the time on the old homestead, which is where I spent the vast majority of my childhood. The farm was originally my grandparents (mom's parents). When I was young, my grandparents gave a small plot of land to my parents as well as my aunt and uncle. I grew up spending a lot of time with my grandparents, having breakfast with them frequently in the summers, which is where I learned to love Red Plum Jelly! I had ample room to ride 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, camp out, build cabins, and overall get into as much trouble as a young kid could. Every time I go back and wander around, I'm flooded with memories. I was truly blessed to have the childhood I did.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Christine paying Samuel back for all the leaves he threw at her the previous day!

Sam just thinks he's going to win this race.....but he's wrong.

One of my favorite views of the land I grew up on.

The leave covered road that I traveled so much.

One can't travel to Alabama without the usual....cow tipping, cruisin' around in the back of pick-up trucks with shotguns, and ridin' on 4-wheelers. Christine had her initiation.

Starting Samuel young on the jumping pictures. White men can jump!

An old barn stall door.

Just one of the many pieces of horse-drawn farming equipment my brother has collected over the years.

A barn that my Father, Grandfather, and Uncle built when I was no more than 6 years old.


  1. Beautiful location and shots. Incredible history you get to connect with there.

  2. I throughly enjoyed seeing where you grew up, Shane. What a fun place. You and Christine looked like you were having a great early Thanksgiving family celebration with Samuel and Sarah Kate. Love from Mom in Ludvington