Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Discipline - A Continued Look

A while ago, I shared a few of my thoughts on discipline. This is a topic that is continually on the periphery of my mind. I usually feel that I lack discipline, although I rarely share those thoughts with others, choosing instead to ponder ways of becoming more disciplined with certain areas of my life. My thoughts on discipline usually creep up when I haven't ran very much, realize it's been days since I've read, or when I get behind on projects at work. I also tend to compare myself to athletes I read about, seeing their intense dedication to their respective sport and how much discipline it takes to excel in said sport.

The question that I now ask is this: does it take more discipline to focus on a single activity, whether it be physical such as running, climbing the corporate ladder, or reading your bible religiously (no pun intended) or balance your life, ensuring you focus not on one single thing but rather finding time to exercise, work hard, give back to the community, etc etc.

This topic came up recently in conversation at work, while talking about goals. What's easier, focusing on a single goal that you're working toward, or having to multitask, focusing on an array of projects, trying to do them all well. I must say, after some thought, I'd have to chose the latter. This is my own opinion of course and based on no concrete data, besides my personal experiences.

That being said, maybe I'll start giving myself some credit for working to have some balance in my life. Although, I feel that true "balance" is far from attained. I guess I'll continue to work on my discipline, both to have better balance as well as to attain some of those specific goals.

I'll speak more about short term and long term goals in a future post!!!

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  1. Finding balance in all things is what it is about. We ain't going to the Olympics, so being disciplined in mind, body, spirit, our endeavors, relationships ... yeah.