Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Picture Log

I haven't been able to run as much as I'd like in the last week. Christine and I were working hard to finish packing before our move on Saturday. My workouts during that time could be described as strength training, as I was lifting couches, chairs, beds, and boxes stuffed to their limit. Thankfully, most of Christine's family had come into town to help with the move. They were a tremendous help and it actually brought some fun to the hectic move.

Sunday afternoon, Christine and I were able to take her parents and sister for a hike up Green Mountain. You could see that they were captured by the beauty of the hike, especially Christine's Dad, who loves being the mountains and was taking pictures the entire time. I enjoyed being able to share a favorite trail with them and was able see it a little differently through their eyes.

Here are a few pictures I took during the hike.

The last two days define why I lean away from planning, especially through the week. When working in the manufacturing industry, you never completely know how things are going to operate. Christine has planned some time with her sister and mother for Monday, so I decided to plan a long run for Monday afternoon. Well, my plans failed me, as I worked late, not getting home until around 8 PM. The break from work was only temporary, as there were problems with a piece of machinery, causing late night, or should I say early morning troubleshooting at 1 AM. I worked through the morning, but decided to head out around 11 AM, when I found it difficult to concentrate on the computer screen.

I decided to get a trail run in, even though I was working on less than 3 hrs of sleep and at least 5 cups of coffee. I headed to Hall Ranch in the midst of 54 mph wind gusts and sustained winds of over 30 mph (we have a wind speed monitor at work). I actually enjoyed being out, having the trail to myself.

Here are a few pictures from the trail:

Lastly, we weren't the only ones in the country to have extremely high winds. Christine showed me these pictures from a local photographer in her hometown of Ludington Michigan. It shows the true power and beauty of Mother Nature.

Ludington Michigan Lighthouse

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