Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly Summary - 10/31

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 7 Miles - Hall Ranch
An extremely windy day, but beautiful nonetheless. I wouldn't choose to work at 1 AM everyday in order to get a decent midday run in, but I'll take 'em when I can get 'em.

Wednesday: 5 Miles - McIntosh Lake
I'm really working to get the "run" dialed in. I'm still having continual right ankle issues and it doesn't make sense. I've taken days off, rested, ran slow, ran fast, etc and nothing seems to help. Today, I noticed that my right foot supenates much more than my left. I can actually see much more of my right calve compared to my left, which leads me to believe the pain is coming from a joint issue. The pain, or should I say discomfort, isn't at all unbareable, but I don't want to "run through" a problem and make it much worse over time. I'm thinking of trying orthotics, which Christine completely believes in. I'm not sure exactly what I should do, but I'd like to get back to those runs when everything clicks and feels good.

Thursday: 7 Miles - Hall Ranch

Friday: Off

Saturday: 3.7 Miles - McIntosh Lake (AM) with Christine
Left really sluggish and stiff on this run. Not sure if it's because of the day off yesterday or what, but my body felt really bad. What a beautiful day though. Christine and I have been enjoying being near the lake, which makes for nice morning runs.

7 Miles - Hall Ranch (Lunch)
Decided to head to Hall for a trail run, attempting to rid myself of this strange tension in my joints. I didn't feel the best of the initial 1 mile climb, but I started to feel a little pep as I moved on up the gentle uphill toward the Nelson Loop. I paused to snap a few pictures along the way, as these warm fall days are soon to be over. It's hard to believe I was running comfortably shirtless on October 30th. Ended the run feeling much better and looking forward to a trail run with Christine tomorrow.

Sunday: 6.5 Miles - Picture Rock (Lunch) with Christine
Neither Christine nor I was feeling very well at the start of the run. We settled into a nice, albeit slow, pace and enjoyed the rolling terrain. We were discussing desires. She asked, "what are the desires of your heart?"......and I went blank. I'm not sure if most people would have a million pictures flash through their brains, but my gray matter had zero spark. Regardless, it spurred on good conversation and we had another enjoyable run. I'm thankful for each of these jaunts with my lovely wife.

Here are a few pictures from my jaunts at Hall and our Sunday outing at Picture Rock.

Here is the song that has been playing in my head on a lot of my latest runs.....enjoy!


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