Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Summary - 10/3

Monday: 3.5 Miles - Pond Loop with Christine (AM)

Nice cool morning run before catching a flight to Tennessee for work. Ankle is still giving me problems and I have no idea why, other than the fact that it began after a timed mile and some barefooting last week.

Tuesday: 5.5 Miles - Knoxville
Late night treadmill workout. Work has been long and tiring. My workout was pretty terrible with the exception of the last mile. I raised the treadmill to it's highest incline, which was 15%, and ran a mile, covering almost 800 vertical feet. I got the idea from the treadmill challenge, which is at the outdoor retailer event each year. It almost made me forget I was on a treadmill. Right ankle is still giving me issues.

Wednesday: Off
Another long work day followed by a dinner I had to go to. Got back to the hotel late and the fitness room was closed. Probably the best thing, as my ankle was still sore. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Thursday: I actually drove to Gatlinburg after work. I had been there many times with my family growing up, as well as with friends in college, but it's been at least 6 years since I had been in the area so I was anxious to see if it had changed. In a word, no it hasn't really changed. The Appalachian Mountains are certainly beautiful and I wish I had made it there before dark. The town of Gatlinburg on the otherhand, is no longer my cup a' tea. Although it was fun to think of all the memories I have from that area, from my first time on sliding down a snowy hill on two planks strapped to my feet, seeking refuge from the rain under the hatch of my car after a morning of fly fishing. Despite the toffee and candied apples in the window, this area shaped my love for all things mountain and for that, I'm thankful.

Friday: 6.6 Miles - Knoxville (AM)
My right ankle continues to give me pain, which I cannot figure out. Christine seems to think it is tendonitis. I'm planning to lay off running for a few days straight this week in hopes it will heal before it gets worse. I think I'll substitute mountain and road biking for running this week, something that's taken a backseat to running this summer.

Saturday: Bear Peak w/Christine

Sunday: 3.5 Miles - Pond Loop w/Christine (AM)
Iced the ankle before and after.

Yoga (PM) followed by 2 miles barefoot at Prospect
More ice afterward

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