Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekly Summary - 9/26

Monday: Hall Ranch - 4 Miles @ 784 vert ft (Lunch)
Really warm out.....can hardly believe it's the end of September. Definitely enjoy getting out at lunch and feel like I need to make this more of a routine. It's therapeutic for me to release some energy, forget about work for a few, and just escape into the hills.

Evening walk with Christine, following by a 2 mile jog.

Tuesday: Skyline HS Track - 6 Miles (PM)
Need to make some speed work more a part of my weekly running, even though it's not at the top of my list of favorite runs. I warmed up with a 8 min/mile pace, stretched and did a timed mile. It wasn't what I wanted for time, but the legs weren't feeling good, so I was expecting slower than desired. I chased that mile with another mile barefoot.

Wednesday - Pace Loop - 3.32 Miles @ 98 vert ft (PM)
Was planning to take the day off since I wasn't able to run at lunch. Came home after a long day at work and had dinner with Christine. Christine went to bed early, so I thought I'd go out for a night jog before bed. It's pretty enjoyable running later at night. It's cooler, quieter, and there's usually not very many people out (or at least I don't see them). But I did end of passing a couple a couple of folks, both of which seemed to jump out of their skin. I'm assuming they had their iPods in, as I called out multiple times "coming up behind ya" and "on your left", but I still had to laugh when they jumped away from me as I sped by.

Thursday - Hall Ranch - 7.2 Miles @ 894 vert ft (PM)
What a beautiful day for the first day of Autumn. I worked late (again) and headed to Hall Ranch for a welcome Fall trail run. It was already later than I had hoped when I left the trail head, but I was set on getting a decent run in. Less than a mile in, I ran into a rattlesnake. Just earlier today, Christine had ran at Rabbit Mtn and almost stepped on a big bull snake. I was able to snap a couple pictures, let it move off the trail and I was on my way again. It was probably the best weather one could ask for. By the time I hit the 2nd bench, most of the mountain bikers were heading down and I had the trail to myself. I hit the loop, stopped to take a few pictures and knew I wouldn't be able to get the extra 2.2 miles in, so I headed back the direction I had came. The moon was out by this time, full and shining brightly in front of a veil of navy blue sky. I couldn't help but be taken aback by the beauty of my surroundings. But, the light was fading quickly, so I let the picture burn in my head, then I sped down the trail as quickly as possible, hoping the snakes were taking a nap.

Friday - Took the day off. My ankles have been really sore the last few days, so I didn't want to push it.

Saturday - Bear Peak w/Christine (AM)
Nice day to be out hiking. Surprisingly, there weren't that many people on the trails. We enjoyed the summit for a few minutes then headed back down quickly. We ended the last 2 miles running.

3.5 Miles - Pond Loop (PM) + 1 Mile barefoot at Trail Ridge
After a quick shower, Christine and I had dinner at Pasta Jay's, then saw the Eric Forsyth show at the Laughing Goat in Boulder. I was pleasantly surprised by this guy. Definitely a good live act.

Sunday - Rabbit Mountain - 4 Miles @ 400 vert ft.

It was a bit warm out, but a great day to be running. Christine nailed the downhill technical sections. I followed with a huge smile on my face as she continued pushing the pace. You could tell she was enjoying the run and felt good with the time at the end. Everyone needs those kinds of runs to keep you going thru the bad patches.

Yoga (PM) followed by 1 Miles barefoot at Prospect

A nice little rattlesnake that was laying across the trail. You could tell he was cold and attempting to warm himself on the open ground. After snapping a couple pictures, I rolled a few rocks his way to get him off the trail. He never even rattled, just slowly turned and slithered into the tall grass. Even though my interactions with rattlesnakes, as well as the similar looking bullsnakes, have been frequent, they've never been aggressive. My hope is that it stays that way.
The mountain getting its last glimpse of sunlight
Once I made it to the Nelson loop with the light quickly fading, I knew I wouldn't get the additional 2.2 miles in. I snapped this picture of the full moon, then headed back from whence I'd come.
I found myself running the trail more by braille than by sight, as I couldn't help but stare at the moonlit landscape. The beauty of Colorado continues to captivate me, even when I'm on a trail that I've been on hundreds of times, and I doubt that it will change anytime soon!

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