Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Summary - 9/19

This last week was far from a stellar performance as far as my running goes. I was able to get out almost everyday, which is a start. I've been kicking around some fall season racing goals and will probably share in the coming weeks. I've been trying to incorporate some speed work in my routines as well. My hope is that the coming weeks start to move toward the mileage that I was seeing in April and May.

Monday - Union Res (AM)
6 Miles
Nice cool morning. The sun was rising as I was headed east, with beautiful orange, red and blue colors on the horizon. I could actually feel the temperature rising along with the sun. Also, my attempts at starting a more disciplined approach to my life began today. I hope my running and reading takes on a new shape, as I try to begin my days with these 2 things. I'm not sure if it will be easier or harder, as I leave for Texas this morning.

Tuesday - Off

Set my alarm for the right time, but I forgot to change the time to Central, so I didn't wake up in time. I was able to hit a local Starbucks and get some reading in before work. I also wasn't able to run in the afternoon, as I didn't leave work until after 7 PM, then it was off to meet some work folks for dinner. At least I'm trying to eat semi-healthy while I'm on the road. It was fish and veggies 2 nights in a row. The 'semi' portion means I had a greasy burger at a local yocal place for lunch today. Back in the swing of things tomorrow.

Wednesday - 5.5 Miles - Hotel Treadmill.....boooorrring

The sun rises much later here than what I'm use to, so it was pitch black out when I got up just after 5 this morning. I headed downstairs to the 'fitness' room and jumped on the treadmill. You know, it's days like these that make me cherish where I live and where I get to run. After a quick warm up, I did some intervals of 0.75 mile at about a 6:30 min/mile pace, chased with a 0.25 mile rest at 8:30 min/mile pace. It was pretty hot in the room, so I stripped off the shirt for the majority of the run. I'm not sure why but I felt a little awkward when another guy came in toward the end of my run. It's different running outside shirtless for sure. Oh well!

Thursday - 4.25 Miles - Hotel Treadmill

Friday - Green Mountain hike w/ Christine
Headed straight to Boulder after I flew in from Texas. We topped off the evening at Tokyo Joe's.

Saturday - 7.2 Miles - Hall Ranch
Colorado rarely lets you down. It was misty and foggy from the time I woke up throughout the day. Unfortunately, I worked most of the day, but afterward, I headed to Hall for an evening run before dinner with Christine. Only minutes from the trailhead, the clouds started thinning and the temperature seemed to rise. By the time I crested the top of the hill at the 2 mile mark, you could see the foothills to the south. I'd almost say it was perfect running weather. Nice and cool. My only regret is not having my camera so I could share the views.

Sunday - 3.5 Miles - Pond Loop with Christine (AM)
2 mile jog around Prospect after an afternoon hot-yoga session with Christine. I'm actually starting to like yoga. Christine and I have almost made it a routine now and it's a fun thing to do together. It's also relaxing and gives my body some needed stretching.

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