Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekly Summary - 6/6

After a few weak weeks of running after my Rainier climb due to craziness at work, I'm just now starting to get some time back on the trail, as well as filling in the gaps with some time on the bike.

Monday: Hall Ranch - Nighthawk Trail
9.7 Miles
1500 vertical ft
What a great day of running in the hills. For a Memorial Day in Colorado, Christine and I managed to pick a trail which we had virtually to ourselves.

Tuesday: Green Mountain
6 Miles
2300 vertical ft
I DID NOT feel very good. My legs felt like bricks, heavy and slow. And, for the first time, I got a crazy blister on my heel.....not sure if my sockless running is letting me down, but I'm starting to reconsider my approach.

Wednesday: Day Off

Thursday: Track workout - Skyline HS
3.5 Miles of intervals
Elected not to run a timed mile as I was having some ankle pain, although last week I ran a 5:45 mile at Skyline. Hopefully my time will continue improving, but I'm pretty happy with the fastest mile I've had since I was actually attending a high school!

Friday: Day Off

Saturday: Twin Sisters
7.9 Miles
2477 vertical ft
Christine and I had to hike some, as there's still quite a bit of snow still up high, but it was another beautiful day to be galvanting around in the mountains and even better to be up higher.

Sunday: Road Bike - 87th - 75th - Dia - Pike
33 Miles with Christine

I've definitely been inconsistent with my running routine, but spending some good time on the trails this week renewed my spirit. I'm excited to continue venturing into the higher peaks as this warmer weather is upon us and the snow continues to melt....although hopefully not too fast. If I can throw in some longer mileage runs each week for the coming few weeks and get into the higher teens, I may give the Leadville Heavy Half a shot on July 4th. In the meantime, I'll continue enjoy moving swiftly through the hills.

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