Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Summary - 6/14

I feel as if my exercise is getting back to something in the realm of consistency. Mentally, I've committed myself to running the Leadville Heavy Half. It's basically a half marathon (13.1 miles) plus a bit more (2.1 miles) with a little elevation gain (~3000 vertical ft) and a starting elevation of 10,200 ft above sea level. It's a little intimidating when I think about it, but I think it'll be a fun race and hopefully the vertical I've been getting in will pay off.

Lastly, here are the weeks numbers.

Monday: Mesa Trail - Boulder
4 Miles @ 400 vert ft

Tuesday: Indian Mesa AM
3.5 Miles @ 500 vert ft
Indian Mesa PM
3.5 Miles @ 500 vert ft

Wednesday: Pond Loop
3.5 Miles

Thursday: Rabbit Mtn
Indian Mesa + Thompson Overlook + Road Climb
7 Miles @ 800 vert ft

Friday: Off

Saturday: Picture Rock w/Christine
7 Miles @ 300 vert ft
Beautiful, low hanging clouds after the recent rain with no one on the trail

Sunday: Union Res AM
6.5 Miles @ 100 vert ft
Mesa Trail PM
4.5 Miles @ 400 vert ft

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