Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Summary - 6/20

All in all, I felt that this was a good week for running. I increased my long run on Saturday by a couple miles, still managed to get some good vertical in and I felt great. I definitely could have added some mileage and vertical that day, but the temperatures were steadily increasing. Christine and I are heading to Raleigh Friday morning for Keith's wedding, which means my weekend long trail run is not an option. I hope to knock out a good 12+ miles with 2000+ vertical Thursday afternoon to supplement for the busy weekend. Christine and I will definitely sneak in a few runs in NC though.

Here are the numbers for the week. I've got one more week to stay strong then head into a bit of a tapper.

Monday: St Vrain Track
3.5 M
Knee feeling pretty bad so didn't want to push it.

Tuesday: Indian Mesa w/Christine (Lunch)
3.5 Miles @ 400 ft

Indian Mesa + Thompson (PM)
5 Miles @ 650 ft

Wednesday: Off - Allergies causing havoc with me

Thursday: Indian Mesa + Thompson (PM)
5 Miles @ 650 ft
Nice cooling, late evening run

Friday: Heil - Ponderosa Loop
7.6 Miles @ 1148 ft
Saw a couple of wild turkeys on my run. It's a lot of fun to continually see wildlife on my runs. Just another thing that makes cruising through the trails so great.

Saturday: Heil - Ponderosa Loop + 2nd Wapiti Climb
12.6 Miles @ 2000+ vertical

Sunday: Pond Loop with Christine (AM)
3.5 Miles

Over the past year, I've really simplified my running, getting rid of the iPod, socks, sunglasses, and even a shirt when the weather permits. Although I don't have speakers stuck in my ears, there's definitely music playing. Here is the song that I just can't get out of my head:

A couple of pictures taken from Rabbit Mountain Open Space

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