Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Summary - 1/9

Monday: 10.4 Miles Total
Morning sit-ups & push-ups (1 set)
4.0 Miles - Picture Rock with Christine (Lunch)
Christine met me for a quick jaunt at Picture Rock.
6.4 Miles - McIntosh Lake (PM)
Headed out after work just as the sun set. I was feeling surprisingly spry, so I added on a few miles as a bonus.

Tuesday: 4.1 Miles - Treadmill (PM)
Morning sit-ups & push-ups (1 set)
This was probably the worst I've felt running in a long time. It had nothing to do with being stiff or feeling any pain. It was just that I had zero energy. I'm not sure if this was my body telling me to take the day off, a coincidence, or lack of calories during the day, but it was honestly a struggle to maintain a decent pace for 4 miles. The entire time I was running, I was telling myself that I need these days, as I'm sure I'll experience rough patches during longer races in the future. I'll consider it an easy, rest, experience gaining day!

Wednesday: 7.0 Miles - Treadmill (Late PM)
Morning sit-ups & push-ups (1 set)
Got home from work late, then had to take the Christmas Tree to the disposal place. After I got home, I decided to eat a bit and pack for Michigan before a short run. Almost opted out of the run. Glad I didn't. Felt decent, clicking away at a 7:30 min/mile pace @ 1% for the duration (1 mile warm up). Finished up around 10:30 PM.

Thursday: 4.2 Miles - Treadmill (AM)
Morning sit-ups & push-ups (2 sets)
Felt a little stiff. Also felt like I was just there, which was the case! Just a short shake-out before heading to the airport. 7:30 min/mile pace @ 1%.
Friday: 8.6 Miles Total - Ludingston Michigan
2.2 Miles - Ludington neighborhood with my Father-in-law (AM)
Nice to be out with Dr. Mr. Dad this morning. We chatted it up.....well, actually, I chatted it up and he probably thought I'd never shut up. Definitely good to be out and about and make a loop with Christine's Dad.
6.4ish Miles - Another neighborhood loop.
Ran around 3 with Christine and her sister, added on another with Christine and then looped around for a couple more so that I could take some pictures of the lake. The snow started really falling and the wind was blowing hard off the lake. I wasn't sure if I was getting pelted in the face by frozen snow or sand, but I loved being out. With the realatively warm weather we've had on the Front Range so far, I had almost forgotten how much I love the snow.

Saturday: Off
4ish Miles - Cross-country skiing - Ludington State Park
We headed out cross-country skiing with the rest of the family. We did around 4 miles, with tons of stops and photos mixed in. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was in the mid 20's and sunny. From what I hear, it was pretty rare weather for Michigan. The trails at the state park were beautiful and I was itching to throw on the running shoes and go for a spin. Hopefully I'll have time to log a few trail miles before leaving on Tuesday.
Sit-ups/push-ups (2 sets)

Sunday: 10.3 miles total
Sit-ups/push-ups (1 set)
7.8 Miles - Running toward the Ludington State Park (AM)
You couldn't have asked for better Michigan weather. The sun was rising and was causing the sky to the west over the water to have deep purples and blues. There virtually no wind and traffic was minimal. I think I saw 4 trucks with plows mounted on the front to every one car that pasted. Overall, I felt good and truly just enjoyed being on my feet with the beauty of the lake and the fallen snow.

2.5 Miles - Neigborhood/Lake Loop with Christine (Lunch)
Just a quick shake-out with Christine before having some lunch. It was pretty slow moving around the lake, making our way through various snow drifts. Nice to get out with my wife and connect, even if for just a short time.

2ish Miles - Nighttime cross-country ski outing (PM)
The whole family donned skis and headlamps for a little tour through what they called the School Forest. It's a 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile square area of woods near the school where they use to have cross-country meets. Temperatures were in the mid teens, but seemed to be veritually perfect for touring around for an hour or so. The stars were out in full force and was just one of many welcome signs to the family during yet another fun-filled outing.

Sunset over Lake Michigan

Man, what a great week. It's been another short week of work, which I've quickly become accustomed to but will be a rude awakening soon. Christine and I headed to Ludington for a late family Christmas and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We're able to relax each day with very little scheduled, connect with family and friends over great food and coffee, and take in the beauty of the area by various means such as walking, running and skiing.

As for running, it hasn't been the best week I've had, considering I've had ample time to run and still haven't gotten in a long run, but I'm not sweating it. I'm enjoying the downtime. I know that my running has come a long way and I've enjoyed each step for the most part. I've got plans for this year which will require a more disciplined approach, but there's plenty of time for it. I do feel like I've struck a balance this week, one that's healthy and needed during this time set aside for enjoying family.

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  1. A down week can be very healthy. Lets those muscles build plus re-energizes the desire to run. Glad to have you in Michigan!!!