Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Summary - 1/16

Monday: 9.0 Miles Total
Sit-ups/push-ups (AM)
4.5 Miles - Ludington Neighborhood Loop with Christine (AM)
One last spin around town before heading out this evening.

4.5 Miles - Allendale Michigan (PM)
Sit-ups/push-ups (PM)

Tuesday: 3.5 Miles - Allendale Michigan (AM)
Sit-ups/push-ups (AM)
A quick and easy jaunt with Christine and her Dad before spending way too long at the Grand Rapids Airport waiting for our flight. I'll consider this a semi-rest day and get back in the swing of things tomorrow.

Wednesday: 4.11 Miles @ 30:24 min @ 261 vert ft - McIntosh Lake (PM)
Sit-ups/push-ups (AM)
A quick spin around the lake. I left just after dark and was fumbling around a bit with my footing in the packed snow. At about the 3 mile mark, I had to turn it down a notch, as I could feel that pesky right ankle a bit.

Thursday: Off
Sit-ups/push-ups (AM)
Was a crazy day at work to say the least. Then headed into Boulder to meet friends at Boulder Beer. It was tough not getting a run in today, but great to catch up with old friends.

Friday: 4.04 Miles @ 29:32 min @ 206 vert ft - Neighborhood Loop (PM)
I'm really enjoying having a GPS watch (Garmin Forerunner 305), although it's going to make it difficult for slow and easy recovery runs.

Saturday: 14 Miles Total
9.62 Miles @ 1 hr 34 min @ 1742 vert ft - Hall Ranch (AM)
It was really nice to get out, get some vertical in and enjoy the trails. The mix of snow and ice on parts of trail, especially on the Nelson Loop, made for difficult footwork and a slow pace. There were times that I was working hard to maintain anything faster than a snails pace. When I arrived at the back of the loop, I was more than 5 minutes slower than typical. There were a couple sections of trail on the descent with soft deep snow that made for too much fun. I saw a couple folks out, but for the most part, I had the trail to myself.

4.49 Miles @ 47:47 min @ 396 vert ft - Picture Rock with Christine (Lunch)
It was slow going with a lot of snow and ice on the trail. Definitely should have opted for the Microspikes, but naively decided against it.

Sunday: 8.88 Miles Total
4.10 Miles @ 32:32 min @ 292 vert ft - McIntosh Lake (AM)
Feeling a little stiff and sluggish on this brisk Sunday morning shake-out. I'm not sure if it was because of the effort yesterday or the fact that I had a business dinner, where I didn't pay particular attention to my caloric intake!

4.78 Miles @ 54.43 min @ 482 vert ft - Picture Rock with Christine (Lunch)
A mix of ice, snow, and mud would accurately describe this run. There were faint signs of sun during our run, but it didn't materialize until after we stopped. It was good to be out nonetheless.

Strength Training (PM)
Sit ups - push ups - planks - squats - lunges

2011 Year Totals
104.44 Miles
14 hr 32 min
3997 vertical feet of elevation

Nearing the end of the Nelson Loop at Hall Ranch (CCW)

Noticed these tracks on my run. It's not the best photo, but the lower left print is a mountain lion and the upper right is a mule deer. Just a little reminder that I'm in someone else's territory!

I can hardly take a run at Hall without stopping to admire Mt. Meeker and Long's Peak

Lastly, here is some music that I've been enjoying lately. I personally think the video is great!


  1. I must say, when you've ran for an hour without seeing a soul, then you glance down and see those, at minimum you have to wonder how fresh they are!