Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quote for the Day - 1/20

I was reading a bit after my later than usual run last night and I came across the following quote:

"Everything you do is connected to who you are as a person and, in turn, creates the person you are becoming. Everything you do affects those you love. All of life is a covenant."
- Paul Miller

For one reason, or perhaps a number of reasons, this spoke to me.

First, it made me think of my wife. At least sometimes, I think my decisions only affect me, but in reality, they alter the life of my wife as well. Reading this quote opened my eyes a little more to that fact and, somewhat, reoriented me.

Secondly, it made me think of my work. Everything I do affects my work, my facility, my company and those working around me. Things are in constant motion (actually and figuratively) moving forward toward a goal, or backward, getting further and further from that goal. Rather than getting in a rut, just going through the 'motions,' realizing this should give power and motivation to my actions. Regardless of whether I want it to happen or not, each decision I make has risks and/or rewards. Keeping that in perspective should change the way I make decisions.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it and letting my mind run wild, and I should reel myself in a bit. But lastly, I used this quote to evaluate my running. Realizing that every run I take changes me. It can create discipline. It can help me to plan, prioritize and schedule my days better, more efficiently. It can, has and more than likely will continue to make me healthier. But it can also be an idol. I can be fooled into thinking it can fill something in me that it was never meant to fill.

Overall, these three short sentences caused me to evaluate my life. It caused me to take the 35,000 foot view and see how I'm being changed. It forced me to ask, "what am I becoming" and "do I like what I see?". Questions I hope I continue to ask, frequently!

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