Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Summary - 12/19

Monday: 11.6 Miles Total
4.2 Miles - McIntosh Lake with Christine (AM)Enjoyed waking up and getting a morning jog with Christine. Neither of us were feeling very spry, but being together made the run the nice.
7.4 Miles - Hall Ranch (PM)
With the amazing weather today (60F and sunny!), I couldn't help but get a few more miles in. I headed over to Hall for a little vertical fun. I'm hoping that I could feel Saturday's effort....otherwise, my strength is going the wrong direction. Besides a little soreness in the legs, I was pleased with the effort and was thankful for a day off to enjoy being outside during daylight hours.

Tuesday: 7.1 Miles - Neighborhood Figure 8 (PM)
I didn't feel half bad tonight. Since Christine had to work late tonight, I thought I'd just enjoy a nice and easy (i.e. slow) loop around the neighborhood. After a short warm up (speaking of warm it was super nice out tonight....maybe still 50F) I easily picked up the pace and held it for the majority of the run. There were a few times when I had to make myself slow down, as my legs were getting a little tight and I didn't want to risk an injury. I've read plenty recently of folks getting injured on random training runs, so I backed off, pretty much trotting the last half mile. I feel like I'm starting the week out well, in terms of both mileage and the way I'm feeling physically.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 6.1 Miles - The Mill

Friday: 8.1 Miles Total

5.0 Miles - Picture Rock with Christine (AM)

I haven't been sleeping well for the last 3 days so it was a challenge just to get a few miles in. My blood sugar also seemed to be screwed up, so I was struggling to say the least. I guess I have to look at days like these as giving me more mental toughness!?

3.1 Miles - The Mill Just a little shake out before heading to Boulder for the evening.

Saturday: 16.5 Miles - Picture Rock (Lunch)

Slept in today.....finally was able to get a good nights sleep, although I felt lethargic from my schedule change. We lounged around during the morning and decided to head out on a run. We drove separate cars, since I was planning to get a few extra miles in. Christine and I did the first 6 together, doing an out and back. It actually worked perfectly, as my legs were feeling tight and it gave me ample time to loosen up. I also enjoyed getting to run with Christine, talking about our previous week, the Holiday's (including our upcoming trip to Michigan) and the coming year. I'm really thankful to get to share time on the trail with my wife. It's a great time to connect while enjoying the outdoors.

After a quick pit-stop and a hug good-bye to Christine, I headed back up the trail. I was a little unsure of how much I was going to do, knowing that my left quad had been tight all morning. I did want to ensure I got in as many miles as last Saturday.

Just before Christine and I hit our turn-around point at the 3 mile marker, we passed a runner going the opposite direction. When we arrived back at the trail head, this same guy was heading back up the trail. I wasn't sure if he was doing laps or had parked at the Heil Valley Trailhead, but the thought of catching him gave me something to work for. About a mile and a half into the ascent, I saw that he was about 5 minutes ahead of me. With that, the thought of catching him left and I just settled into a manageable pace. Another mile up the trail, I caught a glimpse of this guy again, seeing that I gained a couple minutes. The chase resumed, and I picked up the pace a bit in hopes of catching him before my turn-around point. I ended up catching him and ran behind him about a mile. At the junction of Picture Rock with the Wild Turkey loop, we exchanged a few words before he went on his way. Turns out, he was on the homestretch of a long run. He mentioned he had been at Hall Ranch that day as well, venturing to Button Rock reservoir. I'm guessing he knocked out a solid 35+ miles. I must say, I didn't feel quite as good about my meager 16.5 miles on the day, knowing this guy had been running for hours. Regardless, it was encouraging to run into someone on such a long run, on my backyard trails.

Sunday: 4 Miles - Rabbit Mtn with Christine

Just got out for a little jog today to stretch the legs. I could definitely feel the tension in my legs from the prior days effort, but nothing that felt bad. Tomorrow will be the true test, as it seems I feel the most soreness two days after a hard effort. The weather was amazing today, running in shorts. When I get out on days like this I'm always thankful, but I'm really hoping winter will come soon. I miss the snow!

Overall, I think this was one of my strongest weeks of running yet. Breaking the 50 mpw mark feels good by itself. I was also glad that I got in a decent long run. Besides feeling a little fatigued during the last 2 miles, I felt pretty solid. I only took one bottle and zero gels, so I was pretty gased at the end. Anything longer and I need to ensure I bring fuel along.

On the other hand, I didn't get in any speed work at the track or on the mill this week, which I think needs to be somewhere in the mix. With my current fitness level, I feel that I could venture off and run 15 pretty much anytime, but that 15 probably wouldn't be the fastest. My hope is that my cardiovascular system will improve with the long runs, which should inevitably aid my speed. Only time will tell and I feel that I'm in a good place going into 2011!

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  1. Really enjoying reading your postings. I love that you run with your significant other as that is a pure joy of mine as well. Keep up the good work and by chance, will you be out there for the pp50k coming up?

  2. Jacob, thanks for the positive feedback. Overall, my wife and I just enjoy being outside together, but we've had a lot of fun running the trails together recently.

    I'm also glad I discovered your blog, as it has been encouraging to read thus far. I look forward to future postings, especially in the realm of how your faith impacts your running.

    As for the PP50k, I'm definitely thinking of heading down to CoS for at least part of it. I'm not sure I have the legs under me for the entire 50. Will you be there by chance?

  3. I see so many parallels between faith and running, or even running as an expression of my faith/worship and vice-versa. I enjoy jotting down those thoughts/experiences as I feel inspired, thanks for reading. I will be in Co. Springs for pp50k, maybe we'll get a chance to run together for a portion of that.