Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekly Summary - 8/1

Monday: Home - Alpine Loop
4.5 Miles

Tuesday: Off
Was definitely feeling tired and fatigued, with little to no energy. Was planning to meet Christine for a swim and was somewhat glad we settled for a nice evening walk.

Wednesday: Union Res + Alpine Loop
9.75 Miles
It seems that it takes me much longer to warm up when I'm doing a flat road run. Once I got the first couple miles behind me, I was able to comfortably pick up the pace. I'm still struggling to keep what I feel is a strong pace on my road runs. It's much easier for me to push harder on climbs when I'm trail running, then enjoy flying down a descent. Hopefully my overall fitness with improve with more time.

Thursday: Off

Friday: Rabbit Mtn
9.35 Miles @ 568 vert ft
Decided to run from work to Rabbit Mountain. I'm not exactly fond of all the flat road running I've been doing, but I've been fortunate to have the roads less traveled to chose from. I was definitely feeling slow on this run, at least until I hit the singletrack where I found some pep in my step. These "slow" runs seem to be a pattern lately.

Saturday: Lion Gulch
5.6 Miles @ 1300 vert ft
Christine and I headed up in the hills for a touch of cooler temperatures and hills. Lions Gulch was a beautiful run, very lush, with some challenging, steep sections, all of which were singletrack. There were few people on the trail which was a surprise for a sunny Colorado Saturday. We were greeted with wildflowers in the meadow around the Homestead, which was our destination. I must say, spending more time on the roads in and around Longmont made the beauty and serenity of the hills even more rewarding. If only I could experience the peace this brings daily.

Sunday: Neighborhood Run w/ Christine (AM)
4 Miles
I feel as if I rarely feel good running in the morning and this morning was no different. I felt tight and lethargic, sluggish and in general, pretty bad. It's times like these that I question why I run and if I'm ever going to improve. Luckily, not all my runs are like this and I'm able to keep going.
0.5 Mile swim @ sunset pool
Felt good to swim, as it's been quite a while.

Here are some pictures from our run at Lion Gulch:

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