Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Summary - 7/25

Monday: Union Res
4 Miles
Recovery Run - Very Slow

Tuesday: Off - Too much work stuff

Wednesday: Longmont - Around the neighborhood
8.6 Miles
Felt really good and pretty fast (although I wasn't). I read another runners blog who stated that after spending so much time in the mountains, logging tons of vertical, any semi-flat run makes you feel like the wind. I'd say I can definitely relate.

Thursday: Heil Valley Ranch
4.5 Miles @ 700 vert ft
I'm not sure what it is about me, but I seem to attract snakes. Most every time I go for a run, I see some slithery creature and today was no different. Early in my run, just after the service road turns into singletrack, I heard a tick tick as I was zoned out, thinking about the events of the day. For some reason I stopped, looked down, and saw that I had ran right by a sizable rattlesnake. As I moved a little closer to get a good look, it definitely made it's presence known, then took off up the hill, rattling the entire way. I absolutely love being in the outdoors, but it's extremely difficult for me to appreciate rattlesnakes place in the ecosystem. On a positive note, it let me know it was there, but never attempted to strike, even though I know I stepped just beside it. I guess we'll just have to try to live in harmony as I continue venturing into their territory. Other than snakes, the run was that stellar. I must have planted my right foot just right on top of a sharp rock, on two separate occasions, as pains shot through my foot and into my leg. Hopefully I didn't do any lasting damage.

Friday: Day off
Picked up Christine from the airport, busy day at work, then jetted to Larkspur for Jaya and Paul's wedding.

Saturday: Raymond CO
4.2 Miles w/Christine
It was nice to be up in the hills and even nicer to have Christine back after her week vacation in Michigan. After she told me that her Dad and Uncle pushed her when they ran together, I decided it's time for me to step it up a notch or two when we run together. Albeit, her Dad has ran the Boston 3 times and has a PR of 2 hr 46 min (I think), I can definitely increase the speed a bit.

Sunday: Union Res
5.3 Miles with Christine (AM)
Did not feel good. Had planned to do the loop, but I had to turn back due to stomach issues which left my body barely able to run.
12 Mile road bike with Christine (PM)
Chased the bike ride with a 5.3 Mile run while Christine was gone to the store. Actually felt good and was consumed with thoughts of my goals for the rest of 2010 and 2011. I started thinking about a marathon, maybe road but preferably trail, then thoughts of qualifying for Boston

crept in, then of course, an ultra, maybe a 50 miler. I plan to continue diving into my thoughts on goals, dreams, and all things in between. I think it just makes sense. All to often, we "wish" things were a certain way, but we do nothing to move in that general direction. My hope is that I can set goals for myself, whether they be visiting certain places and seeing certain things, partaking or experiencing events, or being a better husband, co-worker, etc, which will lead to a more satisfying existence, although, without a doubt, none of those things will ultimately satisfy.

New music for the week....I think my mom would love this one!

Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full Of Lead

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