Thursday, February 2, 2012

Summary - 2/5

Overall, not a stellar end to January. I managed to get at least one mile in each day, but there was a handful of days which I barely ran. This was due to having a super busy schedule coupled with the scare of a stress fracture in my right tibia. Based on some pain in my shin area both during after my runs, I felt it necessary to take it easy for a week and then gauge whether I should totally take some time off. After a week with some easy miles, I was encouraged by how the shin felt. I figured I'd give it another week for ensure all is good and then begin ramping things up a bit.

In other news, I signed up for the Quad Rock 25. This very well may be a precursor to another road marathon in early June as I try to get a BQ but nothing's official on that front. I'm super excited about running Nick Clarks new race and hopefully finishing the 25 in ample time to see a number of guys running the 50. This means I have to start getting some more vertical into my training regemine and begin alternating a long run with two semi-long back-back runs on the weekends.

Monday, Jan 16
3.93 Miles - AM with Jason

Tuesday, Jan 17
2.11 Miles - Late PM

Wednesday, Jan 18
1.5 Miles - Late PM

Thursday, Jan 19
1.04 Miles - Early AM

Friday, Jan 20
2.52 Miles - Late PM

Saturday, Jan 21
8.02 Miles - Mt. Sanitas

Sunday, Jan 22
8.74 Miles - Midday

Monday, Jan 23
3.98 Miles - AM w/Jason

Tuesday, Jan 24
2.01 Miles - Late PM

Wednesday, Jan 25
3.92 Miles - AM w/Jason

Thursday, Jan 26
2.56 Miles - Late PM

Friday, Jan 27
4.04 Miles - Early PM

Saturday, Jan 28
10.11 Miles - Button Rock Res

Sunday, Jan 29
8.8 Miles - Midday

Monday, Jan 30
3.84 Miles - AM w/Jason

Tuesday, Jan 31
1.04 Miles - Early AM
Quick jaunt before flying to Houston

Monthly Totals
150.69 Miles
19,892 Vertical Feet of Climbing

Feb 1 @ 1.5% - AM
5.0 Miles
Treadmill at the hotel in Houston

It's been so long since I've been on a treadmill, I had forgotten how slowly the minutes pass by. Fortunately, I was looking out the window of my 18th story hotel.

Thursday, Feb 2
4.0 Miles @ 0% - AM
A few early miles on the mill after staying up past midnight working.

PM strength training with a 1.0 mile slow shake-out. It actually felt good to be hitting the weights in the hotel gym. It's been much too long and I'm certain I need to do it at minimum once per week.

Friday, Feb 3
4.0 Miles @ 0% - AM Treadmill

Saturday, Feb 4
7.15 Miles
Enjoyed getting out on some snowy North Boulder trails with my wife. My mother-in-law is in town and she graciously agreed to let Christine and I sneak away. Not only did we get a run in, but we were able to go out on our second date since Maddie was born over 4 months ago. Christine and I thoroughly enjoyed our night at Sugarbeet in Longmont. I ate entirely too much but loved every bite.

Sunday, Feb 5
9.08 Miles
Got out for another run with Christine at Pella Crossing then tacked on another 5 around Lagerman Res.

The shin is definitely feeling better and I think I should be good to increase the mileage in the coming weeks. As I was heading back to the house this evening, I couldn't help but think about how fast the Quad Rock is approaching. It's been a long time since I've spent a considerable amount of time on my feet but I feel confident I can be ready in just over 3 months. I'd really like to find a half marathon in mid to late March to use as a gauge for my fitness level.

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