Sunday, February 19, 2012

Summary - 2/19

Well, not much to say here other than I've struggled to get runs in! My life has been busy to say the least, running from one thing to another and trying my best to love and care for my wife and daughter in the process. My hope is that things are somewhat slowing down, work wise, which means I should be able to connect more with Christine and Maddie and also get some much needed running in.....not to mention some time to reflect.

I was able to string together 2 decent 10+ mile runs, both of which my average pace was below 7:30. The pace felt easy and I had the feeling that I just wanted to keep going. Those are some good signs that I'll be able to get my fitness in line for the Quad Rock in May. My hope for next weekend is to string together another 2 runs, one of which I'd like to see in the 15ish mile range. We'll see what happens, as right now my goal is to be as flexible as possible and not be too selfish with my time. If I have to continue to run in jeans or get my "trail" run in by hitting the dirt roads west of the house because that's what is most efficient and can allow me the most time to spend with my wife and daughter, then bring it on!

Lastly, I've still managed to keep my streak alive, running at least 1 mile each day thus far. Cheers to keeping it going!!

Feb 6
3.82 Miles - AM loop with Jason

Feb 7
1.37 Mile - Late PM just to get my mile in

Feb 8
2.02 Miles - Another "just to get it in" loop around the block

Feb 9
4.38 Miles @ 620 vertical ft - Rabbit Mtn
Was able to sneak out for a lunch time run and hit Indian Mesa which has some nice vertical and is only a few miles from work. Definitely have to start hitting the hills or Quad Rock is going to be painful!

Feb 10
3.02 Miles - Neighborhood Loop - Late PM

Feb 11
4.01 Miles - Neighborhood Out and Back - Late PM

Feb 12
11.2 Miles @ 482 vert ft- Double Lagerman Loop

Feb 13
4.0 Miles - AM loop with Jason

Feb 14
1.61 Mile - Late PM "get 'er done" mile to keep the game going

Feb 15
4.0 Miles - Lake Mc with Jason

Feb 16
3.3 Miles - Late PM - Arezzo Loop Intervals

Feb 17
1.5 Mile - Late PM jog back from Eric's house on his 40th!

Feb 18
10.67 Miles @ 489 vert ft
Lagerman Loop

Feb 19
11.46 Miles @ 523 vert ft
Lagerman Out & Back

Christine and Maddie got me a new camera for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, most of my runs these days are in the dark......either early in the morning before sunrise or late at night just before bed. I was able to snap a few pics during my Saturday and Sunday runs, so check em out and see if the quality is there.

Thankful for dirt roads! My current "trail" running!

Lagerman with Haystack in the background

Meeker, Longs, and Mt. Lady Washington can be seen through the haze on the far right

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