Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Summary - 5/2

Monday: Hall Ranch (PM)
4 Miles w/ 700 vertical ft
Not feeling very motivated. For some strange reason, there are days when I just don't want to run, or do anything else for that matter. Thankfully those days are rare. My hope is that I embrace every day in which I can move....whether it's running, cycling, skiing, or just the act of walking.

Tuesday: Skyline Track
5 Miles w/ 0 vertical ft
(3M Jog/1M timed at 6:10 min/1M barefoot)
Definitely felt like I could shave 10+ seconds on my timed mile. It's been a long time since I have even ran a timed mile, but I do remember being in the 5's when I was in HS. It would be nice to get back there.

Wednesday: Day Off
Evening walk with Christine

Thursday: Mc with Christine (lunch)
3.5 Miles w/ 0 vertical ft
Rabbit Mountain (PM)
5 Miles w/ 500 ft

Friday: Pella Crossing
4.5 Miles w/ 0 vertical ft

Saturday: Heil Ranch w/Christine
9.5 Miles w/ 1300 vertical ft
Super fun running a long run with Christine. She really did great. It doesn't get much better than being in the mountains, running with the person you love. I'm so blessed to be married to someone who shares a love of the mountains, as well as various types of movement.

Sunday: Pella Crossing w/Christine (lunch)
4.1 Miles w/ 0 vertical ft
Neighborhood jog (PM)
3.5 Miles - 1M barefoot at Skyline HS
Didn't feel too great. First time I've ran in road shoes (Asics) but felt really good running barefoot. Definitely plan to do this more often. Would like to try the Nike Frees.

Weekly Totals:
39.1 Miles
2500 vertical ft

Planning to increase the mileage this week, then somewhat taper leading up to my Rainier climb on the 13th-17th.

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