Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year In Review

As we enter a new year, one can't help but tally the numbers and reflect on what has been accomplished and even where one fell short.

Children Born = 1
Total Miles of Running = 1735
Total Days of Running = 273
Mileage Per Running Day = 6.36
Longest Run = 26.3 Miles
Vertical Gain = 195,477 ft
Most Vertical Day = 5,959 ft

This was actually the first year that I've tracked most of my miles and vertical gain. Even though my total mileage was minimal compared to most of the training blogs I follow, I feel that I was more dedicated solely to running this year than any single activity in any single year of my life.

I was pretty consistent throughout the year, logging 883 miles the first 6 months while slipping to 852 for the second. I was please with the following graph, showing a slight improvement in my average pace per run throughout the year.

Overall, I would consider the year of 2011 both encouraging and a learning experience. Encouraging from the fact that, despite my racing times being less than stellar, I feel confident I can improve upon these. I had glimpses of my potential in training runs and know that, given a more disciplined approach, I can accomplish my goals. It was a year of learning that I can devote myself to a physical activity that rids myself of technical gear and complexity and boils things down to simply placing one foot in front of the other. And I've learned that I can actually enjoy it!

That brings me to 2012. I have absolutely no idea what the year will bring, but I'm certain it will be interesting. First of all, I've been given the opportunity to step into an interim position at work. It doesn't come without it's challenges as I basically have 6 months to "perform" or I'll basically be "re-assigned." A re-assignment doesn't factor into my 2012 plans, so I'm going to give it my all. That said, beside the fact that I've been deeply hooked by the running bug, it also fits well into my busy schedule of balancing being a good husband and father with a demanding career. Running has to be the most efficient of activities for me at this stage in my life.

As far as running goes I plan to do another marathon. My primary goal would be to break the magic 3:10, but I plan to train for a 3 hr. My plan will be to go about it a bit differently this year. I hope to commit to a half marathon in the early spring to gauge my fitness and ramp up for an early summer marathon, possibly doing the Steamboat for a second year. By the end of the summer, I hope to be ready for a 50K. This is somewhat of a bucket list thing that I would like to check off in 2012.

The key for me is to actually commit to these races. Sign up, drop the $, and put it on the calendar. One of the small commitments I'd like to make is the one this guy did a year ago. Maybe these small goals are the keys to the larger ones.

Cheers to 2012!

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